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William Chapman Nyaho is a dedicated internationally trained artist-teacher who brings decades of experience to his piano studio. His studio has produced prizewinning students over the years.  Dr. Chapman Nyaho teaches beginners as well as prepares students for college and conservatories. He also prepares students for competitions and festivals at a high level!  Adult beginners or those wanting to return to the joy of playing the piano after so many years are welcome!

Teaching Philosophy

Music should be an expressive art for people to share. My aim is to instill a joy for music making at a high level.   I approach music from a holistic angle.  I teach how to perform musically with beautiful sound and a free technique. I include theory, ear training, sight-reading, improvisation and general musicianship.  

Prospective students are invited for a preliminary and free of charge interview during which rates, policies, program of studies, and schedules will be discussed. Transfer students will be asked to play a short solo and sight-read a short piece.

Inspiring teacher spreads his love for music

Nyaho awakened a love for music in me that made me want to switch my career aspirations from physics to piano! He is kind, patient, and loves to teach. Plus he is effective. He has so much to offer in terms of both technique and interpretation. Nyaho is one of the reasons that music is such an important part of all cultures.

An Amazing Teacher for Any Student

Dr. Nyaho was one of the most incredible piano teachers I have ever had. He has shaped and will continue to shape who I become as an artist and person. Among his many pros that I have checked bellow, I would also like to say that very few teachers have the capacity to work on a completely individual basis with each student, using new techniques and new approaches that are specific to that particular person. Nyaho always found a way to relate to each of his students in a truly personal, yet professional, manner

Insightful and inspirational piano lessons

Nyaho is a wonderful musician, pianist, teacher, and person. He communicates effectively in lessons, very quickly getting to the essence of what is needed, both technically and musically, to understand the composer's intentions, and to achieve a particular musical effect. I have made much progress under his tutelage, gaining insights that I never could have discovered on my own. Belonging to that uncommon species of pianists who are both gifted performers and fine teachers. Nyaho brings his real-world experience of performance to the lesson, very effectively helping the student make tremendous advances as a pianist and musician.


Custom-tailored curriculum centered to your personal strengths and interests while other aspects of musicianship are reinforced

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Piano students are active in competitions, festivals, recitals and play in events in the community!

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